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The most amazing night of my life.

I was lucky enough to get tickets to a reading of the first scene of Tony Kushner's latest play, Only We Who Guard the Mystery Shall be Unhappy. John Cameron Mitchell played Laura Bush, who was reading Dostoevsky to dead Iraqi children, and the play was quite good but what made it the most amazing night of my life was the Question and Answer session with the playwright and actors afterward...Having carried around his books for three years and having stayed up until 2 a.m. drafting my question for him the night before, it was completely surreal. I raised my hand and JOHN CAMERON MITCHELL CALLED ON ME (in part because my friends on either side of me were waving and pointing at me like nutjobs because they know I'm a timid fool) and I asked Tony Kushner my question...I thought it was a moderately intelligent one, and he gave a brilliant and eloquently-phrased answer because he is brilliant and eloquent all the time...And he looked at me as he said it, addressed his response to me, and I nodded my ass off and tried not to melt...
AND THEN, after the show, my friends helped me corner him (he was standing feet away from me which made it hard to breathe or function or remember that this wasn't...I don't know...a cardboard cut-out of him/one of my silly fangirl-esque fantasies. I took out my tattered, highlighted-and-rehighlighted-and-tabbed-to-death copy of Perestroika and said "Umm, not to be obnoxious, but could you sign my copy of Perestroika? Incidentally, your plays got me through high school." At which point the man ASKED ME where I was going to college (Did I remember? Did I care at that point if I ever went to college at all?) and then what I was going to study. Both of which he approved of. I...I really have no words, except to say that I was completely awe-struck and he was actually a human being, and adorable, and he shook my hand twice, and I love his work more than anything in the universe. He's...oh. Oh it was unreal. Orgasm. One of my friends joked that her question for him would be "Are you sure you don't fuck girls? Because my friend here is really amazing and she's wearing a see-through shirt [I was, on the off-chance...]" Anyway, so that was thrilling and my life is complete and I just wanted to share.

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