I am SO happy that there's a Tony Kushner community on lj. I adore his work and think he is easily one of the most brilliant playwrights of all time. I don't have too many other people to share the obsession with, though, or talk to in any real depth about Kushner and his work. I see that this community is just starting out so far, and I'd sorta like to encourage discussion soooo...Question. For anyone who may be reading - has anyone heard anything at all about the book he was working on around 1993, The Intelligent Homosexual's Guide to Socialism and Capitalism, with a Key to the Scriptures? Also, what's your favorite Kushner play? Mine would have to be Angels, but I love Homebody as well. And Slavs!...Okay so I just worship his every word. Wish I could write like him. Sigh. Well, that's it for my rant-y first post. Excited to meet some other Kushner fans. : )

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Ok. First post.

I'm obsessed with Tony Kushner and his work. I'm an aspiring playwright myself, of sorts. I've seen him speak and he's just amazing. And unlike some other playwrights, he is really sincere and NICE.

Anyways, feel free to post whatever.

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